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Darshan Hits And Flops Movies List

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Darshan Hits And Flops Movies List

Check out Hit or Flop, blockbuster Darshan movies: Darshan is a popular Indian film actor and producer who primarily works in the Kannada film industry. He made his acting debut in 2001 with the film “Majestic”, directed by PN Sathya.

Since his debut, Darshan has acted in several successful Kannada films and has established himself as a prominent actor in the industry. Some of his notable films include “Kariya”, “Kalasipalya”, “Gaja”, “Sangolli Rayanna”, and “Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna”, among others. He has won several awards and accolades for his performances, including four Filmfare Awards for Best Actor in Kannada.

In addition to acting, Darshan has also produced a few Kannada films, including “Jothe Jotheyali”, “Bulbul”, and “Ambareesha”. He is also actively involved in philanthropic activities and has established the Darshan Foundation, which works towards the betterment of underprivileged children and their education. Darshan’s journey in the Kannada film industry has been remarkable, and he continues to entertain and inspire his fans with his performances on the big screen.

Darshan biography

Full NameDarshan Thoogudeepa Srinivas
Date of BirthFebruary 16, 1977
Place of BirthPonnampet, Kodagu, Karnataka, India
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Screenwriter
First FilmMajestic (2002)
Awards3 Karnataka State Film Awards, 2 Filmfare Awards South
ChildrenVineesh, Vivaan
FatherThoogudeepa Srinivas

List of Darshan Hits and Flops Movies

S.Nomovie NameRelease DateDirectorLanguageVerdict
1Majestic2002PN SathyaKannadaHit
2Ninagoskara2002TN NageshKannadaFlop
3Kitty2002Ramesh AravindKannadaHit
5Laali Haadu2003H VasuKannadaSuperhit
6Neenandre Ishta2003PrakashKannadaHit
7Kushalave Kshemave2003S MahendarKannadaSuperhit
8Namma Preethiya Ramu2003Sunil Kumar DesaiKannadaHit
9Lankesh Patrike2003Indrajit LankeshKannadaAbove Average
10Annavru2003Kavitha LankeshKannadaSuperhit
12Darshan2004Dinakar ToogudeepKannadaHit
13Bhagawan2004H VasuKannadaBlockbuster
14Kalasipalya2004Om Prakash RaoKannadaHit
15Sardara2004Sadhu KokilaKannadaFlop
16Ayya2005Om Prakash RaoKannadaHit
17Shastri2005P.N. SathyaKannadaAverage
18Swamy2005ShivamaniKannadaAbove Average
19Mandya2006N Omprakash RaoKannadaHit
20Suntaragaali2006Sadhu KokilaKannadaAverage
22Thangigagi2006Om Sai PrakashKannadaAverage
23Bhoopathi2007Om Prakash RaoKannadaHit
24Snehana Preethina2007Vijayalakshmi SinghKannadaSuperhit
25Anatharu2007Sadhu KokilaKannadaHit
26Ee Bandhana2007Teshi VenkateshKannadaSuper Hit
27Gaja2008K. MadeshKannadaHit
28Indra2008H. VasuKannadaHit
29Arjun2008Ravi ChakravarthyKannadaSuper Hit
30Navagraha2008Dinakar ToogudeepaKannadaBlockbuster
31Yodha2009Om Prakash RaoKannadaAverage
32Abhay2009Mahesh BabuKannadaFlop
33Porki2010Prabhu DevaKannadaBlockbuster
34Shourya2010Sadhu KokilaKannadaAverage
36Prince2011Om Prakash RaoKannadaHit
37Saarathi2011Dinakar ToogudeepaKannadaBlockbuster
39Sangolli Rayanna2012NagannaKannadaBlockbuster
40Bulbul2013MD SridharKannadaSuper Hit
42Ambareesha2014Mahesh SukhadhareKannadaHit
43Mr. Airavata2015AP ArjunKannadaAverage
44Viraat2016H. VasuKannadaAverage
45Jaggu Dada2016Raghavendra HegdeKannadaHit
46Chakravarthy2017Chintan A VKannadaBlockbuster
48Yajamana2019V. HarikrishnaKannadaBlockbuster
50Odeya2019M. D. ShridharKannadaAverage
51Roberrt2021Tharun Kishore SinghKannadaBlockbuster

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