New OTT Releases this Week (April 24 – April 30)

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New OTT Releases this Week (April 24 – April 30)
S.NoMovie/ShowOTT PlatformOTT Release DateLanguageIMDB Rating
1CitadelAmazon Prime Video28 April 2023EnglishNA
2VyavasthaZee528 April 2023TeluguNA
3DasaraNetflix27 April 2023Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada7.4
4Peter Pan & WendyDisney+ Hotstar28 April 2023English4.3
5Pakalum PaathiravumZee528 April 2023Malayalam6.1
6Viduthalai Part 1Zee528 April 2023Telugu8.5
7Pathu ThalaAmazon Prime Video27 April 2023Tamil8
8U-TurnZEE526 April 2023HindiNA
9VedDisney+ Hotstar28 April 2023Marathi, Hindi7.8
10ThuramukhanSonyLIV26 April 2023Malayalam6.6
11Sweet Tooth 2Netflix27 April 2023English7.8
12The Good Bad MotherNetflix26 April 2023Korean8.8
13The Light We Carry: Michele Obama and Opray WinfreyNetflix25 April 2023English3.7

Title: Citadel

Director: Josh Appelbaum, Bryan Oh
Description: Citadel collapsed a decade before. The powerful syndicate known as Manticore, which controls the world from the shadows, sent agents to destroy the independent global spy agency, which was in charge of maintaining the safety and security of all people. Elite agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh had their memories erased as Citadel fell, narrowly escaping death. Since then, they have gone unnoticed while creating new identities and new lives. Up until one night, when Mason is located by Bernard Orlick, a former associate at the Citadel who urgently needs his assistance to stop Manticore from establishing a new global order. Mason tracks down Nadia, his former partner, and the two spies set out on a mission that takes them all over the globe in an effort to halt Manticore, all the while navigating a relationship based on lies, secrets, and a perilous yet enduring love.
Genre: Sci-Fiction
IMDB rating: TBA

Title: Vyavastha

Director: Anand Ranga
Description: We are excited to share with you that our upcoming Series Vyavastha is in the final stages of production. However, the plot has not been released yet. We understand that our audience is eager to know more about the storyline and characters of the Series, but we kindly request your patience and support. We assure you that the wait will be worth it, and we will soon release the plot details once we have everything finalized. So, please stay tuned and keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements.
Genre: Drama
IMDB rating: TBA

Title: Dasara

Director: Srikanth Odela
Description: The Singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani in Telangana serve as the setting for the movie. The film’s gloomy, gritty tone illustrates how the employees and their families are compelled to live in misery as it centres on those who work in Telangana coal mines. The movie appears to be about the coal mine workers’ insurrection, and Nani will be portrayed as their unusual leader.
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB rating: 7.4

Title: Peter Pan & Wendy

Director: David Lowery
Description: J.M. Barrie’s classic story about a kid who wouldn’t grow up and enlists three young brothers in London to join him on a wondrous journey to the enchanting Neverland island is brought to life in this live-action rendition.
Genre: Action
IMDB rating: TBA

Title: Pakalum Paathiravum

Director: Ajay Vasudev
Description: Although the makers of Pakalum Paathiravum have not revealed much about the plot, it is said that the film is a mystery thriller about a man whose life turns upside down one night when he has to stay at a stranger’s house with his family, and a twist happens when the protagonist discovers the real intentions of the family members.
Genre: Action, Thriller Drama
IMDB rating: 6.1

Title: Viduthalai Part 1

Director: Vetrimaran
Description: The planned movie Viduthalai, by Vetri Maaran, will be released in two parts. In the movie, Vijay Sethupathi, Soori, and Gautham Menon all have leading roles. Following the COVID lockdown, the movie’s filming has begun and has wrapped around two of the movie’s next sections. The film concentrates on the thriller portion
Genre: Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating: 8.5

Title: Pathu Thala

Director: Obeli N. Krishna
Description: A police officer working undercover goes to kill a crime boss. He must determine what to do next and assist the crime lord in changing his life after realising that the businessman’s goals are noble and that he faces personal difficulties.
Genre: Action
IMDB rating: 8

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Title: U-Turn

Director: Arif Khan
Description: On a flyover, drivers who make an illegal U-turn mysteriously pass away. Radhika, a prospective journalist intern, is looking into it. However, due to a cruel turn of events, she is now the main suspect. What follows is what?
Genre: Action, Crime
IMDB rating: TBA

Title: Ved

Director: Riteish Deshmukh
Description: The genre of Ved is a romantic drama, in which Riteish will play a lead role. In the story, two individuals face off against each other due to their differing natures. There is something to be said for opposites attracting. When they first began to like, then love, each other before being married, they have both been attending the same school. The same is with the lead cast who will be playing their roles in Ved.
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB rating: 7.8

Title: Thuramukhan

Director: Rajeev Ravi
Description: Tamil action film Thuramukham made its debut in 2010. These times are listed in the sequence that they happened. The Chappa Method is employed by the book’s main characters. Regardless of how skilled they are, a candidate will be picked at random, much like a coin toss. Nivin Pauly plays the main character in the movie, a guy who wants to change the status quo.
Genre: Action, Crime Thriller
IMDB rating: 6.6

Title: Sweet Tooth 2

Director: Jim Mickle, Beth Schwartz
Description: Everyone is fighting back in Season 2 from their various shackles, including Aditya from his failures, Tommy from his background, and Gus from the prison he is being confined in. Season 2 is a trapping in and of itself, as opposed to season 1, which was a road trip with a variety of settings, characters, and problems. Like the hybrid children, viewers are confined within The Last Men’s base, the now-conquered zoo. This season’s view is dominated by metal, concrete, and prison bars, creating a boring visual impression that doesn’t much improve until the last episodes.
Genre: Drama
IMDB rating: 7.8

Title: The Good Bad Mother

Director: Shim Na yeon
Description: A drama about a mother, Young Soon, who has dedicated her life to raising her child, and her son, prosecutor Kang Ho, who has amnesia after an unfortunate accident and regresses to childhood.
Genre: Comedy, Crime
IMDB rating: 8.8

Title: The Light We Carry: Michele Obama and Opray Winfrey

Director: Linda Mendoza
Description: The relationship between Michelle Obama and Netflix keeps going, this time in the form of a nice conversation between two women who, based on appearances, have an incredible chemistry and who are adept at communicating that chemistry to a completely devoted audience while imparting all of their knowledge and experiences to them.
Genre: Documentry
IMDB rating: 3.7


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