Top 10 Fantasy Movies On Hotstar | Best Fantasy Movies on Hotstar

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Top 10 Fantasy Movies On Hotstar | Best Fantasy Movies on Hotstar

Check out Top 10 Best Fantasy Movies on Hotstar: Disney+ Hotstar is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, including movies, TV shows, live sports, and original programmingHotstar is a famous online platform to provide dramas in different forms. Disney+ Hotstar has 300 million users and India’s largest premium streaming platform, enjoying a wide variety of dramas and movies across 17 languages. The cinemas are a more entertaining part for the people. Now younger are more independent seeing movies at home without any crowd noise.

Disney+Hotstar Popular Languages

Disney+Hotstar is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, and English. streaming locations of Disney+Hotstar include India, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the Arab world.

Top 10 Fantasy Movies On Hotstar

S.NoMovie NameLanguageYear
1The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeEnglish2005
4Beauty and the BeastEnglish2017
5Edward ScissorhandsEnglish1990
6Alice in WonderlandEnglish2010
7Mary Poppins ReturnsEnglish2018
8Oz: The Great and PowerfulEnglish2013
9Pirates of the Caribbean SeriesEnglish2003-11
10Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersEnglish2013

Best Fantasy Movies On Disney+ Hotstar

S.NoMovie TitleRelease DateDirector
1.Doctor StrangeNovember 4, 2016Scott Derrickson
2.FrozenNovember 27, 2013Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
3.X-Men: Dark PhoenixJune 5, 2019Simon Kinberg
4.Thor: The Dark WorldOctober 30, 2013Alan Taylor
5.Thor: RagnarökOctober 24, 2017Taika Waititi
6.Artemis FowlJune 12, 2020Kenneth Branagh
7.Percy Jackson: Sea Of MonstersAugust 7, 2013Thor Freudenthal
8.Night At The Museum: Secret Of The TombDecember 19, 2014Shawn Levy
9.PhillauriMarch 24, 2017Anshai Lal
10.FukreyJune 14, 2013Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
  • Doctor Strange (2016): This Marvel superhero movie follows the journey of a skilled neurosurgeon who becomes a powerful sorcerer after a tragic car accident. He must use his newfound abilities to protect the world from a powerful enemy.
  • Frozen (2013): An animated musical fantasy movie from Disney, where a young princess embarks on a journey to find her estranged sister, who has the power to control snow and ice.
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019): The twelfth installment in the X-Men movie series, where the X-Men must face their most powerful and formidable foe yet, a mutant with the ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level.
  • Thor: The Dark World (2013): The second movie in the Thor series, where Thor must team up with his mischievous brother Loki to stop an ancient race of Dark Elves from plunging the universe into darkness.
  • Thor: Ragnarök (2017): The third movie in the Thor series, where Thor is imprisoned on a distant planet and forced to compete in gladiatorial games against his old friend and fellow Avenger, the Hulk.
  • Artemis Fowl (2020): A fantasy movie based on the novel of the same name, where a young genius and criminal mastermind embarks on a mission to rescue his father and find a powerful magical artifact.
  • Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (2013): A fantasy movie based on the novel of the same name, where Percy Jackson and his friends embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece in order to save their home.
  • Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (2014): A comedy fantasy movie where the magical tablet that brings museum exhibits to life is starting to decay, leading to a hilarious adventure across the globe to save the magic.
  • Phillauri (2017): An Indian romantic comedy-fantasy movie, where a young man marries a tree to ward off bad luck, but unwittingly becomes engaged to a spirit that inhabits the tree.
  • Fukrey (2013): A comedy-fantasy movie where four friends try to make easy money by getting into the good books of a local gangster, but things take a wild and unexpected turn.
S.NoMovie TitleRelease DateDirectors
11. ThorMay 6, 2011Kenneth Branagh
12.John CarterMarch 9, 2012Andrew Stanton
13.Guardians Of The GalaxyAugust 1, 2014James Gunn
14.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2April 25, 2017James Gunn
15.Black PantherJanuary 29, 2018Ryan Coogler
16.AladdinMay 24, 2019Guy Ritchie
17.Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of TimeMay 28, 2010Mike Newell
18.Captain MarvelMarch 8, 2019Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
19.X-Men: ApocalypseMay 27, 2016Bryan Singer
20.The WolverineJuly 24, 2013James Mangold
  • Thor: May 6, 2011 The powerful but arrogant god Thor is banished from Asgard to Earth where he learns what it takes to be a true hero. Directed by Kenneth Branagh
  • John Carter : March 9, 2012 Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians.Finding himself prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Woola and a princess in desperate need of a savior. Directed by Andrew Stanton
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: August 1, 2014 A group of intergalactic criminals must pull together to stop a fanatical warrior with plans to purge the universe. Directed by James Gunn
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: April 25, 2017 The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Directed by James Gunn
  • Black Panther: January 29, 2018 T’Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and confront a challenger from his country’s past. Directed by Ryan Coogler
  • Aladdin: May 24, 2019 A kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true. Directed by Guy Ritchie
  • Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time May 28, 2010 A young fugitive prince and princess must stop a villain who unknowingly threatens to destroy the world with a special dagger that enables the magic sand inside to reverse time. Directed by Mike Newell
  • Captain Marvel March 8, 2019 Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Anna Boden, Directed by Ryan Fleck
  • X-Men: Apocalypse May 27, 2016 In the 1980s, the X-Men must defeat an ancient mutant who intends to wipe out humanity. Directed by Bryan Singer
  • The Wolverine: July 24, 2013 Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior and face a deadly enemy from his past. Directed by James Mangold

Some of the Popular Fantasy Movies that have been available on Hotstar :

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: The first movie in the Harry Potter series, where a young boy discovers he is a wizard and begins attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Harry and his friends investigate mysterious events occurring at Hogwarts, including the opening of a deadly chamber that unleashes a monstrous creature.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Harry and his friends encounter a dangerous escaped prisoner who may have connections to Harry’s past.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Harry competes in a dangerous tournament between wizarding schools, but soon discovers a darker plot at work.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix: Harry and his friends form a secret organization to fight against the evil wizard Voldemort, who has returned to power.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved novel, this movie follows a hobbit named Frodo and his companions as they set out on a perilous journey to destroy a powerful ring that could bring about the end of the world.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: The second movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where Frodo and his friends continue their journey to destroy the ring, while other members of their party fight to defend their homeland against evil forces.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: The final movie in the trilogy, where the epic battle between good and evil comes to a dramatic conclusion.
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: A prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this movie follows a young hobbit named Bilbo as he joins a group of dwarves on a quest to reclaim their lost homeland from a dragon.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Bilbo and the dwarves continue their journey, encountering dangerous creatures and a fearsome dragon named Smaug.

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