Top 10 Movies Releasing on 14 April 2023 | List of Upcoming Movies on 14 April 2023

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Top 10 Movies Releasing on 14 April 2023 | List of Upcoming Movies on 14 April 2023

Check out the top 10 New movies releasing this week on 14 April 2023: If you are a movie lover, you often spend a lot of time watching movies, seeking out new and interesting films to add to your watchlist. then this article is absolutely for you, we are here to save your time and get you the latest movies releasing on OTT & theater this week. you can view and enjoy films and discuss them with friends and fellow enthusiasts, and Ultimately, the movie is the place to find joy and fulfillment in the art form of film and the emotional connection it can provide. we provide you with the release date of each movie along with the director’s name and description.

New Movie Release Date

S.NoMovie/ShowDirectorRelease DateLanguage
1.soppana sundariSG Charles14 April 2023Tamil
2.SreemantaHassan Ramesh14 April 2023Kannada
3.RenfieldChris McKay14 April 2023English
4.Perfect AddictionCastille Landon14 April 2023English
5.One True LoversAndy Fickman14 April 2023English
6.RipupburyArun Karthik Nagarajan14 April 2023Tamil
7.Thiruvin KuralHarish Prabhu14 April 2023Tamil
8.Bichagadu 2Priya Krishnaswamy14 April 2023 Telugu
9.Pinky Beauty ParlourAkshay Singh14 April 2023Hindi
10.UgramVijay Kanakamedala14 April 2023Telugu
11.ShaakuntalamGunaSekhar14 April 2023Telugu

Title: soppana sundari

Director: SG Charles
Description: A simple middle-class girl is forced to navigate a darkly humorous web of financial problems and unforeseen occurrences when her family wins a car in a raffle. While several parties compete for ownership, pandemonium results.
Genre: Dark Comedy

Title: Sreemanta

Director: Hassan Ramesh
Description: The “Sreemanta” film crew hasn’t made many details regarding the plot available. However, the movie’s trailer gives a glimpse of the cast, and it appears that the plot aims to highlight the glory of a farmer in our nation. Let’s wait for the movie trailer to learn more about the story.
Genre: Drama

Title: Renfield

Director: Chris McKay
Description: Renfield, Dracula’s goon and a lifelong resident of the insane asylum, longs for a life free of the Count, his numerous demands, and all the violence that goes along with them.
Genre: Horror

Title: Perfect Addiction

Director: Castille Landon
Description: The protagonist of the tale is successful boxing trainer Sienna Lane, who learns that her champion lover Jax has been having an affair with her sister. She decides to exact revenge by preparing Kayden, his archenemy and the only person who can overthrow him.
Genre: Romance

Title: One True Lovers

Director: Andy Fickman
Description: Unexpectedly, a lady is forced to choose between the fiance who has finally given her life back and the spouse she had long believed to be dead.
Genre: Comedy

Title: Ripupbury

Director: Arun Karthik Nagarajan
Description: Other than stating that the film will be a horror-comedy, the makers of Ripupbury haven’t provided much information about the storyline. According to some reports, the movie will center on three friends who experience a lot of difficulties as a result of unintentionally awakening a ghost.
Genre: Comedy

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Title: Thiruvin Kural

Director: Harish Prabhu
Description: The main focus of Thiruvin Kural is the relationship between a father and his deaf and silent son, as well as how they dealt with their father’s hospitalization.
Genre: Drama

Title: Bichagadu 2

Director: Priya Krishnaswamy
Description: The protagonist of Bichagadu is a millionaire who, on the advice of a wise man, decides to give up his luxurious lifestyle and become a beggar in order to cure his mother’s illness.
Genre: Drama

Title: Pinky Beauty Parlour

Director: Akshay Singh
Description: Pinky and Bulbul, two sisters, run a cosmetic parlour in Banaras. An inquiry is launched when a dead body is found in their parlour one morning. As the case progresses, the thriving salon industry and our culture’s pervasive obsession with fair complexion start to come to light.
Genre: Drama

Title: Ugram

Director: Vijay Kanakamedala
Description: Deepak is a kind and honest man who struggles to make ends meet by managing a family-run movie theatre. A series of mysterious killings at the theatre, however, cause a change in the plot.
Genre: Action, Thriller

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