Movies Releasing on 21 July 2023 | Movies Releasing Today

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Movies Releasing on 21 July 2023 | Movies Releasing Today

check out Movies & Series releasing Today on theater & OTT platformsNatty KnocksInsidious: The Red DoorFear the Night, Rekkai Mulaithen, Oppenheimer, Mugai and more are streaming on OTT platforms this week. If you want to know the Official OTT Platform and OTT release date watch the movie online. Please look through the information given below.

S.NoMovie NameLanguageRelease Date
1.Natty KnocksEnglish21 July 2023
2.Minus 31 The Nagpur filesHindi21 July 2023
3.Snake CaveEnglish21 July 2023
4.Kusum Ka BiyaahHindi21 July 2023
5.Fear the NightEnglish21 July 2023
6.Are You Okay BabyTamil21 July 2023
7.Rekkai MulaithenTamil21 July 2023
8.AbhyuhamMalayalam21 July 2023
9.RaakadhanTamil21 July 2023
10.OppenheimerEnglish21 July 2023
11.Vishnu PriyaKannada21 July 2023
12.BachubhaiGujarathi21 July 2023
13.Niharika (In the Mist)Bengali21 July 2023
14.MugaiTamil21 July 2023
15.Akasham KadannMalayalam21 July 2023
16.Blood & ChocolateTelugu21 July 2023

Natty Knocks

Director: Dwight H. Little
Description: Babysitter Britt Henderson (Charlotte Fountain-Jardim) and the children she is watching battle on Halloween Eve to escape the terror of serial killer Abner Honeywell (Bill Moseley), who is the traumatised son of B-movie horror legend “Natty Knocks” and who is also a serial killer.
cast: Charlotte Fountain-Jardim, Thomas Robie, Noen Perez
Genre: Horror

Minus 31 The Nagpur files

Director: Pratik Moitro
Description: The inexplicable killings of youngsters in Nagpur serve as the basis for the movie’s premise. Investigating the fatalities, a journalist (played by Parihar) discovers a sinister scheme. The movie looks at societal injustice, child abuse, and corruption.
cast: Rucha Inamdar, Raghubir Yadhav, Kaam Bhaari
Genre: Mystery

Snake Cave

Director: Lin Zhen Zhao
Description: As a birthday present for his daughter Hanhuan (Sofia Song), Wei (Raymond Lam), a single parent, takes Hanhuan sailing. The journey, however, takes a turn for the worse as a huge snake attacks the boat. After being pushed overboard, Wei and Hanhuan must make their way back to land.
cast: Yin Zhao De, Lemon Li, Tao Li Xin, Naomen Eerde
Genre: Action

Kusum Ka Biyaah

Director: Suvendu Raj Ghosh
Description: One day, a wealthy man from Mumbai sends a letter to Kusum’s family. The man proposes to Kusum, promising to provide her a beautiful wedding, and Kusum accepts. Overjoyed, Kusum’s family accepts the offer right away. Kusum, though, is not content with the union. She doesn’t know the man and she has no interest in getting married to him. But since her family has already made a decision, she is unable to influence them. The wedding of Kusum is a lavish event. Everyone in the community envies her because it is the talk of the town. However, Kusum is depressed. She doesn’t want to be married to her spouse because she doesn’t love him. On the eve of her nuptials,  Kusum runs away from home. She travels to Mumbai, determined to find her own way in the world.
cast: Lovekansh Garg, Sujana Darjee, Rajat Sarkar, Suhani Biswas, Pradip Chopra, Vikash Dubey, Sanjay Singh
Genre: Family

Fear the Night

Director: Neil LaBute
Description: Tess (Maggie Q) is a war veteran who is having trouble adjusting to life in the civilian world. At a remote farmhouse in California, she is invited to attend her sister’s bachelorette celebration. An invasion of the home by a bunch of masked men ends the celebration, though. Tess must use her military experience to defend her sister and the other guests because the men are determined to kill everyone inside.
cast: Maggie Q, Kat Foster, James Carpinello
Genre: Action

Are You Okay Baby

Director: Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
Description: The film is about a young woman who is struggling with postpartum depression and the people around her who try to help her.
cast: Samuthirakani, Abhirami, And Others
Genre: Crime

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Director: Christopher Nolan
cast: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Rami Malek, Florence Pugh
Genre: Biographical


Director: Ajith Kumar J
Description: The plot of the upcoming Tamil movie Mugai is still under wraps, but the trailer released on June 6, 2023, gives us a few hints. The trailer shows the two characters in a fearful situation, and it is clear that the film is going to be a thriller.
cast: Kishore Kumar G, Aarsha Chandini Baiju, Radha Ravi, Samuthrakani, Soundhararajan And G M Kumar
Genre: Drama

Blood & Chocolate

Director: Vasanthabalan
Description: Arjun, a young man who delivers meals, is the focus of the movie. Although he has a good heart and is mild in nature, he is fiercely devoted to his family. One day, a gang of thugs murders Arjun’s family. Although devastated, Arjun swears to exact retribution. One by one, Arjun starts to find the offenders. He can defeat the criminals mercilessly because he is a good fighter. But as Arjun approaches his moment of vengeance, he starts to understand that there is more to the tale than he first believed.

cast: Arjun Das, Dushara Vijayan, Vanitha Vijaykumar, Bharani, Suresh Chakravarthi, Pugazh, Aranthangi Nisha, Kaali Venkat, Sarah, Arjun Chidambaram, Subramaniam Siva, J Sathish Kumar, And T Siva
Genre: Thriller


Director: Akhil Sreenivas
Description: Jayarajan is a young man whose father, Rajan, spent years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of a crime. In his quest to establish his father’s innocence, Jayarajan enters a shadowy, perilous world of crime and corruption. He runs into ACP Dennis Joseph, a policeman who is also looking into the matter, along the road.
cast: Ajmal Ameer, Rahul Madhav, Kottayam Nazeer
Genre: Drama, Crime


Director: Dinesh Kalaiselvan
cast: Vamsi Krishna, Riyaz Khan, Dinesh Kalaiselvan
Genre: Drama

Vishnu Priya

Director: V.K. Prakash
Description: The film stars Shreyas Manju and Priya Prakash Varrier, who are paired together for the first time. The film is also said to be a departure from the usual Kannada commercial fare, with a more realistic and understated tone.
cast: Priya Prakash Varrier, Shreyas Manju, Takur R Baragi
Genre: Romance


Director: Rahul Bhole, Vinit Kanojia
Description: Siddharth Randeria plays the elderly Bachubhai in the movie, who decides to return to school in order to regain his career. The story of the movie is as follows: The previous 30 years have been spent working as a security guard for Bachubhai, a 60-year-old guy. He was recently let go from his employment, nevertheless, because of his age. Although Bachubhai is saddened, he is committed to finding a new position. He makes the decision to return to school in order to complete his degree, since he thinks it will help him land a better position.
cast: Siddharth Randeria, Apara Mehta, Amit Singh Thakur
Genre: Drama

Niharika (In The Mist)

Director: Indrasis Acharya
Description: A woman named Deepa lives in a remote West Bengal village with her violent husband and in-laws. She is continuously made to feel unimportant and devalued. One day, a wall of fog envelops the community. Deepa seizes the chance to flee her spouse and her in-laws. She is lost and alone as she wanders through the mist. She encounters a young man named Akash while travelling. Deepa and Akash team up to make their way back to the village after Deepa becomes lost as well.
cast: Anuradha Mukherjee, Shilajit Majumdar, Mallika Mazumdar
Genre: Drama

Akasham Kadann

Director: Sidhique Kodiyathur
Description: The movie is about a group of friends who go camping in the woods and wind up being haunted by an unidentified monster. Maqbool, Amal, and Bhuvaneswari are among the buddies who go camping in the forest. They can’t wait to enjoy themselves and unwind in the bush. However, when they are tormented by a mystery monster, their plans swiftly go astray.
cast: Maqbool SalmanI, Brahim Kutty, Kulappulli Leela
Genre: Drama

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